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DHL shipping fees for Zone 1 (up to 5 kg): 16,99 EUR
Zone 1 example: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus (except North), Denmark (except Faröer Islands, Greenland), ...

DHL shipping fees for Zone 2 (up to 5 kg): 29,99 EUR
Zone 2 - Europe without EU - example: Greenland, Iceland, Norway, ...

DHL shipping fees for Zone 3 (up to 5 kg): 35,99 EUR
Zone 3 example: Egypt, Canada, United States, ...

Please check out DHL International for further information.

Should the calculator for international shipping not work, please add 16,99 EUR (EU)
29,99 EUR (Europe without EU) or 35,99 EUR (US) to your purchase or contact us for help.
We will gladly assist you.